SEO has become a very important component of a marketing strategy for travel companies.  With the travel industry becoming ever so competitive in terms of organic keyword search, paid search, social media, and across all the entire online marketing environment, SEO is a large piece of a marketing strategy that travel businesses should not overlook. 

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, have become the most influential sources of information for customers searching for travel related products and services. These search engines help your customers find, compare, and choose travel destinations, hotels, car rentals, etc. at a click of a button.  As such, SEO is about getting out the right information to your customers at the best time, and ultimately driving successful traffic that results in customer leads.

Here are the most important reasons why SEO is important for your travel business:

  1. Increases lead generation:   Search engine optimization increases lead generation by enabling your business to generate leads through paid advertising and organic search results.  A well-crafted SEO strategy and execution allows your business to improve its organic search and ultimately your customers finding you online for specific keyword terms.
  2. Improved brand awareness:   Your website is one of the most effective channels to spread and increase brand awareness.  Implementing SEO strategies to better position your website in the online environment will undoubtedly provide a boost for your travel brand.
  3. Enhances customer relationship:   SEO can help improve your customer relationships by continually  creating content that engages and results in traffic to your site, engagement through social media, and encouraging reviews for customers that interact with your brand.
  4. Enables business to stay ahead of the competition:   Implementing the latest SEO trends for your business ensures that your company is focusing on providing the search engines the “signals” that your business is relevant and trustworthy.  As a result, google will notice your business and start to move your site to the first pages, which will help to drive traffic and improve your customer base. To stay ahead of your competitors, it’s important to focus your activities in driving social media engagement, attracting influencers that would write about your brand, and a successful content strategy that engages your audience and drives them to take action to purchase your product or service. In addition, it’s also crucial that your business is listed in all the relevant directories and frequently providing helpful feedback to the community through forums such as Quora.
  5. Increase profits for your business: The best way to win in search engine optimization is to add value to your customers.  The goal of SEO is to increase the traffic to your website to help you increase your profits. SEO is not just about getting your business in the top organic search ranking. This won’t really help your business much if you receive lots of visitors but they are not converting. Therefore, a successful SEO strategy ensures that your business utilizes a combination of content that converts and that is relevant to your product of service. Also, including appropriate keywords that customer use to find your business and incorporating those keywords throughout your content. In addition to crafting engaging content, your website should provide value to its customers by educating and informing about its products and service. As a result of these activities, your travel business will be able to bring more qualified traffic to its website which leads to increase in profitability.
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